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And finally today is a FREE DAYY after many exams and tasks that i had. today, i had a civic exams, i'm so sad because the questions are so hard for me huhuhu:( *i hope to get a good score*  Now, i have nothing to do. So, i can spend my times to write on my blog. 
Ohya, did you now LocalFest event? LocalFest is the biggest urban local creative festival that mixed art, music, fashion, movie, food in one place. It will be held on this day until this Sunday.
So interested right? and will you come?
i really want to come but i can't because my midterm test will be killing me soon ---
so, if you come please share ur impression by add a comment below^^

Okay. Last friday, i took a photoshoot at the tennis court near my house. Because the guide are so nice to me, i can take pictures in here everytime that i want.
and this is the result that i got!<3 p="">

Chain Necklace : @bahan_aksesorris (IG)
Tartan Skirt : @lilmisscolette (IG)
Shoes : @VNDSHOES (IG)

thankyou for reading<3 below="" here="" nice="" p="" please="" put="" something="">
see you till next post!
xx, angel<3 p="">

9 komentar:

  1. Lucu bangetttt <3

  2. pretty as usual angel ♥♥

  3. super prettyyy! :)
    love everything from head to toe <33
    dat clutch looks like a fluffy kitten :'D

    cheer, michelle ~

  4. Pretty ^^
    I love the skirt.. I wonder if the shoes is comfortable, is it handmade?

  5. supa love that fur clutch and skirt too <3

  6. Great bag dear >.<


  7. The tartan skirt is sooo good! <3

  8. IHHH imut banget sihhh kamu <3


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