Yellow Power

Well hi. I'm back after a long break writing something in here.
It's my summer outfit that i wore in Bandung 2 days ago. I stay in Blackbird hotel which is in Lembang and all i wanna say is the hotel was totally cute!

i'll post my another holiday's outfit on the next post
see you really soon!xx


Thousand Islands

After a long time no vacation, me and my mom decided to had a short vacation in thousand islands. Actually, i never go to thousand islands before:") Then i saw Thousand Islands at instagram and it made me amazed. The view and the price(so so cheap i like it) made thousand islands be my destination to had a vacation.
Our first stop is Harapan Island. 

 To be honest, there is no beach at harapan island. I was shocked at that time. Evidently, harapan island full of inhabitants. so, many tour organizer use their house as a home stay for visitors.

Next stop is: Bintang Island

 After snorkeling at Bintang island, we stopped at Dolphin island.
There is no toilets at this island. Based on the story of the inhabitants, they defecate and pee at the sea:") 

Hereinafter we gone to Bira Island. Watching the sunset at this island is totally a great idea!

omorrow morning we gone to Perak island. Sadly, the weather was cloudy and it made the bad pictures quality:( In fact, this island is totally amazing and very recommended!
there is many great spots that you can find in this island.

See you!
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Back to School

Hi guys im back with my new post. tomorrow will be my first day in college and im really nervous ( im thinking about having friends or not tomorrow). 
And one thing that i really sad about it is holiday is already over, no more waking up late huft. 
Hoping the best for me for tomorrow:")


See you
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Birthday Outfit

Yesterday was 22 of July and it was my birthday!
Thank God i'm officially 18 now.
Here's my outfit for my happy day

See you,
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