floral outfit will be good at any time.

 Hi guyyss--- i had this little photoshoot yesterday. i take these pictures in tennis court with my friend, Seruni. Know ye, before this photoshoot were taken we were a little confused because nobody's in here n the fence is locked. So, we decided to ask to the woman that we guess she know about this. And u know, we r very lucky because she was the guard of the tennis court and then she take the key as soon as possible so we can enter to the field. she's too nice guysss hahahaha---

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Hello Blog!

hello ppl! this is my first time i post my activity in blog. in fact, i dnt really know how to 'blogging' but i'll try my best. hahahaha--- by the way, today is so fun it because TOMORROW IS THE FREE DAY GUYYYSSSS<3>