Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! On this holiday, i have a lot of time to posting my OOTD because i don't go anywhere:( My grandma had a little surgery on her eye and she isn't allowed to go to out of town.
So, we must take care of her and stayed at home or just go to a nearby place.

In this Christmas day(3 days ago), me and my mom cooked for our family. Usually, my grandmother would cook a Christmas meal. How is your Christmas day?
and this is my OOTD for Christmas.


Love, angelyn.
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Early Christmas Dinner

So, today i want to share my Christmas dinner story with you guys. Last monday, we went to Senopati and we choosed Cacaote.  

 Wagyu Beef Burger 130k

 Spaghetti Carbonara95k

 Antoinette's 45k

This place such an elegant restaurant that very suitable for those who have vintage style. The price of food was not too expensive.



Christmas is on it's way

Hi, everyone. Five more days Christmas is coming! I'm so excited to celebrate Christmas, how about you?
So, what have you planned to celebrate Christmas? Me and my boyfriend decided to have an early Christmas dinner at Cacaote, Jakarta and I'll be posting my christmas dinner soon:p

see you soon on the next post!