Flawky Blish

'FLAWKY BLISH' I'm actually confused about what the meaning of this title, but because I don't know what else want to give the title so I let 'Flawky Blish' is shown here hahaha.
by the way, I'm very sad guyyyssss .......... you know why? it because soon my long holidays
soon coming to an end:(:( and more sad, when i think of how many exam i will face when entering school later hft. I just want to skip my exams.
OH YAAA I put some effect on these pictures because i think with effects, this picture would be better. but so sorry if those pictures are bad with the effect guysss



peeps, whether by dressing like this makes me look like a pregnant woman or a farmer? hahaha: ""))

sweater: ITC Mangga Dua
chooker: DIY
dress: Pasar Senen
shoes: @cherokeshop (IG)
bag: Sophie Martin

 What do you think of my dress? I want to tell you about this dress. This dress i
  bought at Pasar Senen. once when I was browsing, I saw some fashion bloggers who often hunting to Pasar Senen, they say that these items are very cheap there. I'm very interested and go there hihi. if you have time, I suggest to go hunting to Pasar Senen guys ^ ^

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 oh yeah almost forgot, let me to say Happy Good Friday^^
Good night, see ya!



The Bluemist

sorry i've rarely to posting something here:( it because there are many task and exam that always piling up. oh let u know, today I came home early! then I do a photo shoot near my house.

 This photo was taken when the weather was cloudy. so, sorry if the quality of this photo is not good:(:(

 choker : DIY
watch : Swatch
bag : toy store near my house
skirt : unbranded
sweater : unbranded
shoes : Decimal shoes (IG)

 thankyou for reading my post guys!
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goodnight<33 span="">