Happy New Year Eve everyone! Finally i can post my outfit after long time i didn't post anything here. Anw, What'll u do tonight? BBQ? go walk with family? or what? Toninght i'll BBQ with my family:)
Last week, I watched a korean drama entitled 'High School Love On' I really liked the movie because of the uniqueness of the story. The drama tells about story of an angel who turned into a girl and fell in love with a high school student! Have you also seen it? Tell me your impressions!
Anw, these is my yesterday outfit! I played with Daisies 

 Dress: Colorbox Id
Transparent Bag: IG
Bracelet: Grosir Aksesoris Korea(web)

Shoes: IG

Necklace: H&M

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hello peeps!:) today, i go back home earlier bc midterm test. this week was really a looonggg week bc everday i must study hard for midterm test:( 
so today i'm so thankful to have break times. and i decided to post something on my blog.
today at the school, I watched a movie that tells the story of happiness. from the the story I can conclude that happiness can't be measured by money, luxuries, and etc. however, happiness is about yourself, how you think about yourself. If you think you're happy, you're happy. when you always think 'why am I not happy?' then you will not be happy as long as you think you arn't happy.

oh yes, i wanna tell you something. Did you know anything about Zalora?
Zalora is an outlet that sells many branded items with cheaper price than the real outlet.
They sells many items there like Sling Bag, Slip on, Heels, T-shirts and many more so u can find ur favourite and take them into yours!<3 p="">

top: IG
skirt: IG
shoes: @pfl_os
necklace: birthday gift from Nadya<3 p="">

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turn on the RED

And finally today is a FREE DAYY after many exams and tasks that i had. today, i had a civic exams, i'm so sad because the questions are so hard for me huhuhu:( *i hope to get a good score*  Now, i have nothing to do. So, i can spend my times to write on my blog. 
Ohya, did you now LocalFest event? LocalFest is the biggest urban local creative festival that mixed art, music, fashion, movie, food in one place. It will be held on this day until this Sunday.
So interested right? and will you come?
i really want to come but i can't because my midterm test will be killing me soon ---
so, if you come please share ur impression by add a comment below^^

Okay. Last friday, i took a photoshoot at the tennis court near my house. Because the guide are so nice to me, i can take pictures in here everytime that i want.
and this is the result that i got!<3 p="">

Chain Necklace : @bahan_aksesorris (IG)
Tartan Skirt : @lilmisscolette (IG)
Shoes : @VNDSHOES (IG)

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Denim On Denim

Hi! i've just got the chance to post my outfit in here. So, 3 weeks ago, i went to Central Park and took these pictures. In this outfit, i try to combinate denim with denim(sorry if the result is bad hehe) and this is my OOTD.

Last friday, i went to Go Girl Expo at Senayan City with my schoolmates. There are many local brands that sell their items with cheap price absolutely. I bought some stuffs in there, i really want to share with you about Go Girl Expo, but so sad i can't bcs i didn't took any pictures in there:")

oh yea, i wanna to tell you that i've made INSTAGRAM account to sell my preloved items!
check em out!<3 p="">

thankyou mom to took these pictures<3 p="">

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Hello everyone! it's been along time since i didn't post anything:") Finally, i can post my outfit in here yaaay. Today, i had a short photoshoot. and here they are!<3 p="">

Oh yes, a few weeks ago I've started classes majors and I choose science classes. Just a few days in there, I felt very tired because so many exams and assignments. So, i didn't have time to rest: ") so goodluck for me:")
 dress: unbranded
bag: The Little Things She Need

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